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Saving national engineers’ identity

We must save national engineers’ identity. Local engineers and constructors create a unique national climate for new technology to emerge. They have to earn enough and their families would not suffer because of the new KPI system which some global telecom infrastructure vendors bring to market. However, huge companies used to cheat and hire locals sometimes only to hide their real goals. Emerging economy experience shows us that any UBERization of professionals in the market leads to decreasing skills and diminishing salary level. Technogenic accidents happen more often when financial profit defeats safety.  And if the Trade Union is weak or completely absent, experts leave the profession or immigrate.

Sometimes officials and CxOs for their own benefits spread a theory of international competitiveness. It is saying that every person has to compete with each other. Obviously, the easiest way to have a comfortable, rich and healthy life in your own country is to protect doctors and technicians from offensive technology and ruthless methods, e.g. send climbers without the necessary insurance to towers to install equipment or to design the towers with low qualifications Teams. Except technologies or methods (includes economy or management) which no doubt lead to better life for all social strata. Only healthy collaboration between small and average companies without groundless ambitions could bring a new technology era to every house safely. 

New proposal — be positive

5g and digital infrastructure rollout in general offer new opportunities for local small and medium businesses. They can provide a fertile ground for construction and engineering talent to develop, and they are able to connect with local communities, building local jobs and a local relationship fabric that helps to accept and deliver critical infrastructure projects. Further, a local setup helps to minimize travel distances during the build phase and supports availability for later maintenance contracts. Finally, digital infrastructure SMBs take a key role in securing quality and responsibility in a way that large companies can’t. They provide checks and balances, and fallback options beyond what an individual contractor can offer. 

As usually there is a responsibility beyond the individual level, SMBs will take great care to deliver quality work and protect their brand in a way individual contractors are not motivated. 

Notwithstanding this, the supply chain of the largest customers in digital infrastructure transforms and SMBs must be ready to embrace digital supply chains, reverse auctions, automated bidding and loT management and increased competitiveness in these markets.